over 3 years ago

Bay Area Hacks SWAG

Hi Participants!


In this email you will find all $600 worth of swag you got just for signing up for this hackathon! Thank you for showing your support by signing up for and participating in our hackathon!


Voiceflow Pro for 6 months: Go to https://creator.voiceflow.com/signup/promo?coupon=bayareahacks2020 and enter your email for more instructions

  • Use Voiceflow to collaboratively design, prototype and build voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with no coding needed! With Voiceflow Pro gain access to unlimited projects, prototype sharing, project downloads, canvas markup, PDF/PNG export, live support, and 100K interaction/m.

Creative Tim Material Kit Pro: Go…

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over 3 years ago

Wolfram|One Access for Bay Area Hacks

Hi participant,

Wolfram Research is pleased to sponsor your event by providing access to our latest technology, Wolfram|One! For complimentary access to our development platform and the Wolfram API, just click here: 

This URL will take you to a sign-in page and prompt you to log in using your Wolfram ID. If you don't already have a Wolfram ID, you'll be prompted to create one using an active email address. Once logged in, you will see in the Downloads section which platforms of the software you have access to, with their accompanying activation keys. Please download the desktop version…

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over 3 years ago

Bay Area Hacks has now begun!

Dear Participants,


Thank you for signing up for Bay Area Hacks! Our event would not be nearly as great without all of you signing up!


Today marks the first day of the Bay Area Hacks hackathon! Firstly, please make sure to complete the Online Check-In Form as this is required for all attendees to be eligible for prizes and swag! Please also register on our Devpost, as this is where we will be submitting all projects and judging. 


Our opening ceremony video can be found here: BAH Opening Ceremony. The video launch will begin at

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over 3 years ago

Bay Area Hacks - ONE WEEK LEFT!

Dear Participants of Bay Area Hacks,


In less than a week, you all will be starting your projects and the hackathon will have begun! One very important reminder is to join our Slack workspace through this link - bit.ly/BASlack! We will be posting announcements and answering questions on Slack so be sure to have the application installed on your computer/laptop and phone and have notifications turned on.


Another extremely important reminder: GET EXCITED! You and your team will be able to work on a track of your choice and work together to create a progressive and innovative…

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